About Us

In 2007 a group of mothers started to meet regularly to show their children they were not the only ones speaking French. The Francophone Association of Southern Sydney Inc. (FASS) was later formed as a result of an increasing demand for a French speaking point of contact in southern Sydney. FASS aims to support the language and cultures of all francophone countries and territories represented in southern Sydney.

The goals of FASS are to:

  • Promote francophone culture and language
  • Assist French-speaking people who are new to the Australian way of life
  • Assist Australians to learn about and enjoy French history, culture and language

FASS is a non-profit organisation and all funds raised will be invested in the association and its activities.

Benefits to Adults

  • Share a passion, celebrating local francophone and francophile communities
  • Improve your language, communication and interaction skills
  • Invitations to activities and events
  • Networking

Benefits to Children & Parents


  • Francophone playgroup for parents and preschoolers
  • Keep children in touch with their roots
  • Keep children interested in keeping up with French as a mother tongue through meeting with others
  • Meet other bilingual French speakers of the same age so they do not feel different and do not reject the French language
  • Improve knowledge of French as a native language

Non Francophones

  • Open children to a new language and culture
  • Improve learning and thinking
  • Offer long-term opportunities

FASS is incorporated under the Department of Fair Trade as a non-profit organisation, incorporation number INC 9892332 Nov 4 2009

ABN number 36 721 721 796